voordekunst campaign

voordekunst - three logos

client: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
year: 2010
what: identity, website, animation, shop window, flyer
print flyers: Drukkerij Elco
copy animation: Mo Veld

voordekunst is a crowdfunding platform for the arts initiated by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. mannschaft was tasked with creating an integrated identity system, designing their micro-patronage website, and developing a compelling campaign to help educate potential donors, companies and partner funds about the new platform.

voordekunst campaign visuals

the identity system was designed with the website in mind – we liked the idea that the logo itself could immediately indicate a project’s progress to the viewer, while the color system marks the stage the project is in. green for projects in the funding stage, pink for projects in danger of ending without being funded, and yellow for projects with 100% of the funds needed to proceed.

in addition to the website (which we posted about previously), we designed email campaign templates, presentation templates, letterhead and print collateral.

voordekunst homepage and projectpage

voordekunst email templates

voordekunst presentation template

voordekunst letterhead & print pieces

while creating the animation to explain crowdfunding and how it works within the voordekunst platform, we designed a several maps of holland in the voordekunst house style to be used in the animation as well as across different media.


at the launch event last week in the Hirschgebouw, we saw all the pieces of the campaign come together. congratulations Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, we’re proud to have taken part in such a great initiative.


voordekunst launch