the two-degree target – HIER klimaatborrel 2012 animations

client: HIER klimaatcampagne
what: animation
art direction: Mannschaft
animation: Bob Mayata
sound design: Audiobrand

“scientists all over the world are worried about global warming. an average increase of two degrees is considered to be a ‘point of no return’. beyond the two degrees there will be lasting climate changes in some areas of the world.” (excerpt briefing HIER klimaatborrel 2012)

HIER promotes possible solutions to a broad audience and stimulates collaborations. the large amount of small contributions by individuals sums up and can lead to a measurable effect.

HIER organized a gathering to highlight four possible approaches, the speakers were introduced by short animations of 15 seconds.

1) bosbescherming/forest protection, Richard Holland, Chief Conservation Officer – Wereld Natuur Fonds

2) cookstoves, Jessie Bokhoven, head of strategie – SNV

3) zonne-energie/solar energy, Mark Kortleve, manager products & innovations – Essent

4) zuinige apparaten/efficient appliances, Ronald Wassenaar, marketing director – BSH, Bosch Siemens household appliances

looped mashup