pikkewyn is for pinguïn

client: PostNL
what: series of postage stamps
print: Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé

PostNL, the new name of the Dutch Post, approached us to design an edition in a series of stamp emissions on the theme of the Netherlands and its ties with other countries. titled ‘Grenzeloos Nederland’ (‘Netherlands without borders’) the series explore the ties that the Netherlands have and have had with Brazil, Surinam, and in our edition, South-Africa.
the subjects we explored are the VOC trading company, that created a trading post in Africa on Cape Good Hope, which became Kaapstad / Cape Town, South-African wine and the Cape-Dutch building tradition, and the similarities between Afrikaans and Dutch. the themes are shown within the silhouettes of six animals (the ‘big five’ plus our friend the pinguin) that can be found in South-Africa.
in one of the stamps we’ve used Ingrid Jonkers’ poem Die kind wat doodgeskiet is deur soldate by Nyanga that Nelson Mandela has read during his inauguration as the first president of the New South Africa.

you can order the stamps here.