mapping the Old Church

client: Stichting de Oude Kerk
what: visitors brochure
drawings: Jan Rothuizen
text: Lodewijk Wagenaar
print production: Drukkerij Groen

“De Oude Kerk (‘The Old Church’) is located in the heart of Amsterdam, in the middle of the Red Light district. It is the oldest building in the city. A stone church, dedicated to St. Nicolas, was built around 1300. This church would eventually grow to become the impressive medieval monument we know today.”

we were asked to make a design for the new visitors brochure. the result is a folded map. one side shows a drawing of the church interior by artist Jan Rothuizen in the style of The Soft Atlas. the other side holds the texts of historian Lodewijk Wagenaar.
the dutch version of the visitors brochure is blue, the english version will be red.