het maken van 2009

Mediafonds Jaarverslag 2009 Omslag

for their 2009 annual report, Mediafonds worked with two photographers, Sanne Peper and Nadine Stijns, who documented the making of all the productions that started in 2009.  mannschaft designed the annual report as two books: a photo book and a separate book with the year’s key figures.

we wanted the photographs to be integrated, but still wanted each photographers’ work to be viewable independently. by cutting every other page 1cm shorter, the book can be browsed front-to-back (to view Nadine’s photographs) or back-to-front (to view Sanne’s photographs) – the video below shows how.

update: this annual report has been selected for Graphis’ 100 Best  Annual Reports of 2011! we’re happy and proud!

Mediafonds Jaarverslag 2009

Mediafonds Jaarverslag 2009

Mediafonds Jaarverslag 2009

printed by Calff & Meischke, bound by Hexspoor

thank you, Mediafonds, for allowing us to create such a beautiful book!

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