dynamic identity for New Material Award

logo new material award 2014client: Materiaalfonds, Stichting DOEN, Het Nieuwe Instituut
what: identity and website
wordpress development: Richard van den Winkel

“The New Material Award introduces the designs of the future. The award challenges visual artists, designers, fashion designers and architects to use new materials and innovative techniques. The resulting designs will contribute to a better and more sustainable society. The New Material Award believes in the innovative power of creativity within various design and art disciplines with regard to sustainability and the development and application of new materials.”

every material has several specific features like hardness, transparency, weight, etc. Six main features are assigned to each design and translate into two layers of overlapping ‘infographics’ who create an individual pattern/logo per contribution.

the homepage of the website with the overview of the nominees and winners fulfills also the functions of an archive, all assigned features appear as a list and can be used as filters, for example to easily find all designs (also those of previous years) related to the feature 3d printing.


72dpi_Nr.1_Pendant-Lights_Milo-Dool‘Pendant Lights’ by Milo Dool

167-text-largelogo for ‘Pendant Lights’

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