co2 prestatieladder

client: Cultuurfabriek, Hier Klimaatcampagne
what: animation
year: 2011
art direction: Mannschaft
animation: Bob Mayata
sound design: Audiobrand

we developed a series of animations to introduce the CO2 ladder during a presentation held at Pakhuis de Zwijger. the CO2 ladder is a tool to reduce CO2 in the construction industry and the Dutch railways. it is initiated by ProRail and represented by Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden en Ondernemen (SKAO).

the animations were projected on 9 giant screens (3 screens per animation) in Pakhuis de Zwijger’s main hall. for a blasting viewing experience activate full screen mode and turn on your speakers at high volume!

blok 1 – inzicht (understanding)

blok 2 – ambitie (ambition)

blok 3 – transparatie (transparency)

blok 4 – samenwerking (collaboration)