class of 2020

client: Frank Uffen, Buena Gente & Co, for 9 housing partners: Ymere, AM, Bouwfonds, Casa400, CityLiving, Stadgenoot, Syntrus Achmea, de Key, Credo.
what: 64 page magazine about future options for student housing in the Netherlands
print: Elco, on Silk mc paper with a heavy Gmund Blanc cover.

the magazine is a call for more quality and a wider choice for students and the providers of housing for students.

twenty imaginary students are profiled, alongside ten housing products that should appeal to both the students as to the providers. lavishly illustrated, the magazine also takes the reader through five centuries of student housing and offers some thorough analysis of the obstacles facing developing for this market.

read Class of 2020 here, see an impression of the presentation here.