BLOG: bno spellbound: to design a story

pakhuis de zwijger

last night we attended the bno spellbound at pakhuis de zwijgerFrédérik Ruys was speaking on designing infographics, specifically those he designed as “visual journalism.” there was a bit of a debate on what makes an infographic an infographic, and not an illustration – when you ask a room full of designers this question, you can be certain there will be arguments.

outside pakhuis de zwijgeroutside pakhuis de zwijger

view from pakhuis de zwijger across the waterthe view across the water from pakhuis de zwijger

LokerenFrédérik’s visualization of his recent car accident – causing an accident for a man who designs infographics professionally must be very unpleasant

alles in het roodFrédérik’s credit crisis visualization led to a discussion of how clearly we need to understand what is actually happening in an infographic or if simply working out the basic concept is enough