Artist in Amsterdam

client: Tilmann Meyer-Faje
what: website

“Tilmann Meyer Faje (1971) is a Dutch/German artist who works and lives in Amsterdam where he graduated in 2000 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in 2004. In his work he focuses the failure of industrial processes. With his ceramic sculptures, he replicates contemporary constructions from our highly developed civilization and anticipates their decay. During the modeling, clay changes its consistence permanently, possibly due to temperature, moisture or weight – a process in which potentials he is highly interested in. He builds structures while they tumble down from their own weight. For his planned “failure experiments” the artist often uses the shape of ships as an analogy to what happens with us at the moment in the world. A big part of our consumption depends on transport with ships. People’s lives are depending on it, risking their lives in nature. Ships once break or become dismantled. Mainly they end up on an Indian beach. When a construction is dismantled its characteristics show up again. His first boat with a broken hull “Seelenverkäufer” is recently acquired to the collection of Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch. Beside modeling sculptures Tilmann produces video animations with collapsing clay structures. With “Full speed ahead”  he recently produced a whole fleet of boats in the public studio at the European Ceramic Work Centre Sundaymorning@ekwc.” source: